Camper FAQ’s

When you arrive at camp your will complete registration and then move into your cabin and meet your counselor. Your counselor will help you get to know your cabin-mates. You may take a tour of camp, including a visit to the pool if there is time. After a delicious dinner, there will be a fun evening program followed by a campfire with some special singing.

Well, that’s mostly up to you, but if you want to make friends we don’t think you’ll find it very difficult. With so many campers your age around, you’re sure to find people that you have something in common with and you’ll also learn to appreciate people who are different from you. With so many opportunities to spend time together, it usually doesn’t take too long to make some great friends at camp.

Yes, if you are in the same division and request each other on your registration form. However, we also want you to meet new people so we only promise to put you together with one other person when you request each other on the registration form.

Our counselors are people who love God, love camp, and love being with people like you! Your counselor will be a lot of fun and will also be someone you can talk to.

Below is a sample schedule for a typical day at Cedarbrook.

6:50 AM Staff Bible Study
7:30 Camper Rise and Shine
8:15 Flag Raising
8:20-9:05 Breakfast
9:10-9:30 Morning Watch
9:30-9:50 Capers
10:00-11:00 First Activity
11:10 – 12:05 Bible Exploration
12:10-12:50 Lunch
1:00 – 1:50 Kick Back Time
2:00-3:00 Second Activity
3:00-4:10 Free Time
4:20-5:20 Third Activity
5:30-6:20 Cabin Time
6:25 Flag Lowering
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Evening Program
Yes, you get to choose the three activities that you will do each day for the whole week. Your cabin group will decide what you’d like to do for cabin time each day. Then in the evening we’ll have great activities planned for you.

You will be in a cabin with 6 or 7 other campers and a counselor; the other half of the cabin will have another group of the same age, with another counselor. So, in your building there will be 2 counselors. Most cabins have bathrooms; those that do not have attached bathrooms utilize the bathhouse.

If it’s possible, we try to do our activities anyway, but if it’s raining too hard or there’s thunder, we go inside. You might do something related to your activity or play games with the group. You’d be surprised how much fun we can have even if we have to be inside!

You don’t need to have any cash with you at camp. Your parents will put spending money in your Tuck Shop account at the beginning of the week. When you buy something at Tuck Shop, the shop staff will deduct the amount from your account.

The camp store! This is where you can go each afternoon to buy snacks, drinks, and all sorts of camp souvenirs like T-shirts, postcards, and pens.

Yes, you could be in some of the same activities. You’ll also see them at every meal and during all camp activities. During free time, you can choose to hang out together at the same place.

Get ready to write some letters! Your parents will love to get letters from you telling them what you’re doing at camp. They will be able to send letters and emails to you (but you won’t be able to send emails back to them). There aren’t any phones for campers to us

Campers think they taste pretty good! You’ll eat at a table with your cabin group and be served great meals. Campers say their favorites are pizza, tacos, mac ‘n cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches. We often have a salad bar and peanut butter and jelly is always available.

Yes! Part of living together is taking responsibility for cleaning up so each day there is time in the schedule (we call it capers) for you and your cabin-mates to work together to clean the cabins.

The intent of the service team program is to provide additional leadership/service opportunities for campers while also meeting some of the needs of camp.

Potential areas of service are: maintenance (cleaning); kitchen; horses; lifeguard.

Guidelines for service team:

  1. Camp fee will be half of the current camp fee.
  2. Campers will be in a cabin group, will participate in Bible Exploration, 1-2 activity periods, and most evening programs.
  3. Campers may be limited to one week on the service team.
  4. Service team may be limited in number.
  5. Campers must be completing 9th grade to apply for the service team.
  6. A staff member will be responsible for general supervision of service team members; staff in each program area will give direct on-the-job supervision (e.g. cook/asst. cook will give specific instructions and supervision, but service team supervisor will administer guidance and correction as needed).