Parent FAQ’s

The selected form will open in a new window and can be downloaded onto your computer.
Please complete parent questionnaire, camper release forms and the health form and bring them to camp with you for check-in

Your child will be assigned to a cabin group with 5 or 6 campers of the same age. Campers are grouped according to the grade in school just completed; two grade levels are generally grouped together (finished 1-2; 3-4; 5-6; etc.)

Each camper must provide a signed health history/health exam prior to attending camp. This form will be examined by the health director for the week. Each camper will be screened by the health director during registration. Our health directors are doctors or nurses licensed to practice medicine in Pennsylvania. The health director administers any regular medications required by campers; treats any minor accidents and illnesses; and recommends transport for additional treatment by the local doctor or emergency room.

Our staff are all volunteers. Many are parents of current or former campers; others are young people who grew up in camp and completed the CILT (Campers-in-Leadership-Training) program. Background checks are required; an interview process is required; references are required. Returning staff also complete a new application each year.

Campers may want to bring money to deposit in their “Tuck Shop” account. This can be used to purchase snacks and/or souvenir items during the week.
CCMA is accredited by the American Camp Association. Safety is one of our major concerns; every effort is given to create an environment where campers can step out of their comfort zone in a safe manner.

Campers in the same division can register to be cabinmates. Other camper friends may be in activities together. All campers eat meals together in the dining hall. Free time allows campers to interact with others of different ages.

CCMA has committed 10% of donations toward camper scholarships. In addition, other scholarship monies may become available. Scholarship application is available by clicking here.

You may send your child emails each day by logging in to the registration system and selecting “Additional Options” and then “email a camper”. You may also send snail mail via Camp Conquest, 480 Forest Road, Denver, PA 17517; or leave mail with the director to be delivered on designated days during the week. Your child can send mail to you via snail mail and can email you through the registration system.  We cannot guarantee that your child will email you, it is up to them to request the email form and return it with the email written to be scanned and sent. If there is a specific need or concern, the camp director will contact you.

Please let us know ahead of time if your child has any food allergies. We may ask you to provide supplements if the diet is very restrictive. Our cooks are experts and will gladly work with you to meet your child’s needs, but the sooner we know, the better it will be for everyone.

Our staff spends a weekend of training together each year in June. In addition, other learning opportunities are available through our Association of Cedarbrook Camps, through the ACA, and through the Christian Camp and Conference Center Association. Since most of our staff are veterans, this training builds on itself year after year. Each staff member signs the statement of faith each year.t

Young campers often come with a counselor, but even if they arrive alone, there are always at least 3 or 4 staff members in the tuck shop. While the staff do not make actual selections for the camper, we do give advice, and we don’t allow all the money to be spent in one day. We remind campers about “the rest of the week” so there is still snack money available, and we try to be certain that they are really “satisfied” with each purchase.